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Clean Energy Alliance Supported by Design Trust

Wilton, CT (June 20, 2005) – Design Trust, the integrated marketing agency, has been engaged by the architectural firm AG/ENA in support of an alliance that is promoting hydrogen use in consumer vehicles.

The alliance site,, features prototypes of AG/ENA’s Advanced Refueling Retail Center (ARRC) hydrogen fueling station, which has been awarded a U.S. Design Copyright. An integrated Information Center will display hydrogen-fueled cars and a consumer education exhibit about hydrogen technology.

“ARRC/H2 Alliance will function like a partnership, encouraging participating companies to share their expertise and knowledge,” said Alan Goldberg, principal in AG/ENA and the founder of the alliance. “The ARRC/H2 Alliance is actively seeking participation by National Hydrogen Association (NHA)-member automakers, energy providers, technology companies, government agencies, manufacturers of service-station components and financial investors.”
“Design Trust is proud to be part of this leading-edge effort to facilitate use of clean, renewable energy for the future,” said David Cundy, president of Design Trust. “Good works have always been part of our corporate culture and this effort deserves widespread support.”

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