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Design Trust Launches Humanitarian Website

Giving Asha, a USA-based 501(c)(3) non-profit providing hope and opportunity to the women and children of Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal, has launched a new website,, developed by Design Trust.

The site was built with ContentSpan®, Design Trust's enterprise content management system, which enables designated administrators and other contributors to remotely update site content. "The site is itself is important, but the ability to update on our own from the field without the need for additional technical personnel is invaluable,"  states Beth Brewster, Giving Asha's Executive Director.

“Giving Asha's site is the latest example of Design Trust empowering our clients through leading-edge technology,” said David Cundy, Design Trust president. “And Giving Asha enabled Design Trust to support an organization whose values of compassion and commitment we share.”

About Design Trust
Established in 1982, Design Trust ( is an integrated communications firm that provides strategic brand, marketing and online development services. Using its unique, "constituent-centric" methodology, Design Trust enables its clients to optimize online communications. In addition, Design Trust empowers clients through ContentSpan®, an enterprise content management system. The firm has worked with numerous organizations worldwide.

Contact: David Cundy
203 761-1412, ext. 115

About Giving Asha
Giving Asha ( is a 501(c)(3) non-profit providing hope and opportunity to the women and children of Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal. Giving Asha works to improve the quality of life of economically and socially marginalized women and children through education and literacy, access to medical care and family assistance.

Contact: Beth Brewster
Executive Director
203 438-2482

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