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Design Trust Creates Identity for Jobs Coalition Conference

Fairfield, CT -- The National Jobs For All Coalition (NJFAC) recently hired Design Trust to create the program identity for its "National Conference to Create Living-Wage Jobs for All, Meet Human Needs & Sustain the Environment" in New York. The Conference, attended by over 125 people and took place over two days at the Interchurch Center and District Council 37 on November 13-14, 2009.

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The National Jobs for All Coalition is dedicated to the propositions that meaningful employment is a precondition for a fulfilling life and that every person capable of working should have the right to a job. The Coalition not only fights to make these propositions facts of life, but it publishes research by noted scholars to support them. It regularly produces articles and pamphlets on such subjects as the phony Social Security crisis, the moderate costs of a full-employment program, the importance of labor unions, and the undercounting of the unemployed. These publications are invaluable tools for those engaged in popular and labor education as well as for those teaching in traditional high school and college classrooms.

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