Constituent-Centric Communications   

Creating sales & marketing materials that work

If you're like most marketing executives, you know that your company's marketing materials are out of date, don't communicate current selling messages, and don't reflect your most up-to-date competitive intelligence. You also probably haven't scientifically benchmarked your competition or best practices, audited your customers to learn their current perceptions and priorities, or created a resource repository for your company's sales team. And your website -- your company's 7/24/365 global marketing vehicle -- probably still requires the intervention of third parties to update. 

Design Trust will enable you to align your marketing program with your objectives and aspirations -- to support brand building and sales results. You will also reach desired constituents better through "Constituent-Centric Communications" targeted to constituents and their needs. As an integrated agency, Design Trust will also bring all of your marketing initiatives together seamlessly -- with consistent positioning, messages and the highest calibre design -- to present your brand to best advantage. Whether you need to conduct a customer perception study, update your marketing materials or website, create a targeted advertising or direct mail campaign, or promote a new product using the excitement of interactivity, Design Trust will deliver.

For more information about how you can supercharge your marketing program, please contact Mr. David Cundy, president, via e-mail at or by phone at 203 761-1412, extension 115.

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