Constituent-Centric Communications   

The Power Connection: Reaching your energy company's constituents

Given today's corporate governance requirements, investor scrutiny and community outreach expectations, energy companies have their hands full when it comes to communications. Each constituency -- consumer, investor/analyst, government and prospective employee -- requires communications geared to its needs. Further, given the complex nature of the energy industry, communications must be technically credible.

Design Trust has been creating constituent-centric communications for energy industry clients for almost twenty years. Our experience includes:

  • Annual reports for Ultramar, beginning with the company's first IPO report, and including a report specifically addressing "most asked" investor/analyst questions. Results: Reduced investor relations requirements and more efficient communications; Ultramar customer loyalty to Design Trust for the life of the company.

  • A strategic assessment for a major oil company, including interviews with senior management and analysts, as the critical first step in developing a  investor-centric web presence. Results: Creation of a best practices website demonstrating management team depth through senior management quotations and investor-centric content.

  • An interactive presentation for a leading regional energy company to showcase the company's commitment to its communities. Results: On-time, on-budget, deliverable presenting the company as a responsible corporate citizen.

  • A lobby display for a regional energy company celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Results: Increased awareness by visiting customers, business partners and prospective employees of the company's historical and present achievements.

To discuss your energy company's communications needs, please contact Mr. David Cundy, president, via e-mail at or by phone at 203 761-1412, extension 115.

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