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Exclusive access: Marketing your luxury brand

One of the top priorities of your luxury company is to reach desired customers while maintaining an exclusive profile. With experience in both luxury goods and services --including gourmet foods, perfumes, tableware, executive aviation, real estate & architecture, luxury motoring and financial services -- Design Trust understands the unique requirements of luxury companies and their customers.

If your luxury company needs a marketing or e-commerce site worthy of your brand, an online application (such as a bridal registry) tailored to your special requirements, a Macromedia Flash interactive promotion or direct mail campaign to launch a new product, or a multi-language portal to extend your brand's international cachet, Design Trust has the experience and pedigree to deliver a tasteful, sophisticated experience. Most important, we are committed to developing marketing tools tailored to the specific needs of luxury companies. For example, Design Trust's Luxury Microsite, launched in 2005, is a quick-launch, self-maintainable website application that will enable you to launch new products and promotions online on demand without external intervention.

Our BrandArbiter assessment and benchmark process and "Constituent-Centric Communications" model guarantee targeted positioning; our ContentSpan content management system will enable your non-technical staff to maintain your site; and our Online Sales Manager will enable your sales & marketing teams to collaborate worldwide.

To discuss your luxury company's marketing needs, please contact Mr. David Cundy, president, via e-mail at or by phone at 203 761-1412, extension 115.

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