Constituent-Centric Communications   

Reaching global audiences: Multi-language communications

If your company does business internationally or with bi-lingual audiences in the Americas, you'll reach your constituents better in their native languages.

Design Trust is expert at creating multi-language web and print communications. Working with us, you'll be insured of success because:

  • we have almost two decades' experience creating multi-language communications for major corporations.
  • we utilize the world's leading translation services to ensure correctness.
  • we have proven experience creating the complex code required for non-Latin languages, such as Greek, Chinese and Japanese.
  • we are expert typographers, applying the highest standards of readability and beauty.
For more information about how Design Trust can help your company reach its constituents in their native languages, please contact Mr. David Cundy, president, via e-mail at or by phone at 203 761-1412, extension 115.

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