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Winning with Flash; Harnessing the power of online applications

If you are launching a new product, want to educate or motivate your customers or employees, or want to bring the magic of cinema to your website, Macromedia Flash is the way to go. Design Trust has deep experience developing with Flash, including:

  • an in-store game kiosk to promote an exciting new consumer product,
  • a CD-ROM and online product demo for a web-based financial product,
  • multi-level games to educate employees about identity standards, and
  • homepage animations to evoke the prestige of luxury brands.

Design Trust also provides the creative concepts, organizational architecture, editorial and programming services required to successfully complete your interactive project.

If you need a custom, web-based application to build presentations, enable order entry, perform calculations, or connect to databases, Design Trust delivers. For example:

  • our online order application reduced processing time by a huge factor for a client's new insurance product.
  • our product posting application facilitated time-sensitive sales for a client's multi-million dollar inventory.
  • our "presentation builder" application enabled a sales team to create on-brand presentations from the field.

To discuss your interactive or application development project, please contact Mr. David Cundy, president, via e-mail at or by phone at 203 761-1412, extension 115.

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